Metronome App for Piano Practicing

IMG_0044While practicing piano yesterday, I went to use my Seiko DM-20 metronome to keep time on some piano exercises when I found the battery in the Seiko had died. It takes those small watch batteries which are hard to come by around the house. I’ve had this metronome for 15 years or so without any battery issues so the fact that it had died now is not surprising. I really wanted to get into these piano exercises and there was no way to do them without the metronome. What was I to do except what I always do in these situations, check if there was a metronome app for my iPhone. Lo and behold, there were multiple metronome apps. I found the simplest one which was aptly called “Metronome”. It did what I needed, which was to keep time in an orderly fashion. No flashy graphics or redundant options, just the bpm and time signature. My iPhones volume only goes so high, thus it makes it difficult to hear if I play overly loud, but other than that, a nice piece of freeware.

If your metronome has suffered a similar fate to mine, namely expungement, consider getting the metronome app for iPhone.

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