Squeaky Piano Keys

Squeaky Piano Key Causes

Are you being annoyed by squeaks that happen every time you play certain keys?

It may not be a difficult thing to correct. In most cases I find that piano squeaks come from the keys. There is a brass pin which the keys rock back and forth on. This pin tends to oxidize over time. The felt with which the key pinches the pin rubs on this oxidation producing a squeak. I find this very often, especially in Yamaha pianos. If this is the cause of the squeaks, a piano technician can polish up the brass pins in usually no more than an hour. Voila, no more obnoxious squeaks.

Mention the fact that you have some squeaks in your piano at the time that you book your tuning appointment, that way your piano technician can schedule enough time in to disperse those pesky squeaks.

2 replies on “Squeaky Piano Keys”

Dear Mr Richardson,
Good afternoon!
I bought a new Yamaha piano C2 and 5 months after, its strings were stained. The seller said this is normal and that a cleanup of the strings would solve the problem. The piano is in my residence, located in a room with normal ambient humidity.
New pianos may have rust stains?


I guess it depends where you are located on the globe. Typically the strings shouldn’t tarnish for a number of years, unless you live in a climate with very high humidity year round. Another factor could be that the bass strings could have been touched by fingers. The oils from our skin can cause copper to oxidize.


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